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      Autumn can be a funny time of year in the world of house buying and selling. In early autumn, we see a rise in activity following the summer holidays, then a rush to get contracts exchanged and completed before Christmas. However, following the initial flurry, things can often slow right down later in the season with people deciding to wait until the spring when the house buying market tends to be at its busiest. This year, we have the added complication of Brexit. The uncertainty is making some people a little nervous of making any life-changing decisions until we all know more.

      So, how can you make your home stand out and attract a buyer at this time of year? We share some top tips to help you sell your home this autumn.

      Try to book viewings during daylight

      As the amount of daylight hours dwindles, it can be more difficult to arrange viewings during daytime, especially if you’re juggling with work. But if you can make them earlier in the day, or at the weekend, do. Potential viewers like to see properties in daylight to get the full picture.

      Make the most of natural light inside the house by making sure your windows are clean and that curtains and blinds are open. 

      Think about your lighting

      Even if the viewing is during the day, consider switching lights on in the main rooms of the house to make the space feel welcoming. Well-positioned lamps in the dark corners can really help create a great first impression. In your kitchen, switching on the light under the cooker hood or other under unit lighting can make the space feel that much more appealing.

      Don’t forget that energy saving light bulbs can take a few minutes to reach their full brightness, so switch them on well in advance of the appointment time.

      Create a cosy feeling

      In autumn, we all crave a cosy space to come home to. Whilst great lighting is one of the key aspects in creating this cosy feel, there are other things you can do to create the perfect atmosphere. Switch the heating on, giving it enough time to warm up before a viewing. If you have a fire or wood burner, light it. But make sure the temperature doesn’t become too stifling!

      Add soft furnishings in bright autumnal shades – think throws, blankets and cushions. Or how about lighting a subtle autumn scented candle? Your viewers won’t want to leave!

      Have a good clear out

      If you’ve not had a chance to put summer things away, do it now. Tennis rackets, sandals, picnic blankets…if you can clear any unwanted clutter away, it will make your home feel more spacious and calm.

      Clean your carpets

      If there’s been lots of coming and going in and out of the garden over the summer months, your carpets may be showing signs of wear. Paying a professional carpet cleaner to come in and give them the once over can be a very wise investment. A clean carpet can really transform a room.

      Keep boots and coats tidy

      As the weather gets wet and chilly, we all seem to accumulate a lot of extra layers which, if not managed, can quickly take over hallways or cloakrooms. Take a moment to thin the pile before any viewings!

      Don’t forget your garden

      Your garden may not be looking its best in autumn, so it’s important to give it a bit of TLC to retain your curb appeal. Clear away fallen leaves, even if they’re not yours! Trim back any dead plants and consider adding some late seasons colour – tubs and baskets can be very effective. Tidy away any summer paraphernalia that looks out of place at this time of year.

      Air the property regularly

      Whilst it’s tempting to keep the warmth in and the chilly autumn air out, it’s really important to keep your property aired, especially if you are drying washing indoors. The house can quickly feel and smell a bit stale if you neglect this. So, throw the windows wide for a while before each viewing – but give it enough time to warm up again before you welcome any potential buyers in.

      Listen to advice from your estate agent

      This is as relevant in autumn as any other time of year, but if you’ve chosen your estate agency carefully, they will be an expert in the local housing market, so listen to their advice regarding the pricing and marketing of your property. But equally, if you don’t think they’re doing a great job for you, speak to them about your concerns. It’s in both of your interests to sell the property so working together is key.

      Got a property in Norfolk or Suffolk to sell this autumn? Why not get in touch?