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      An issue that I frequently come across was raised during one of my recent free landlord/tenant advice clinics. An owner of a property wished to sell it and was unsure whether to try and do so with the long standing tenant in situ or to get them to leave and then sell it vacant. I naturally asked to see the tenancy documentation to check that it was in order and then had the uncomfortable task of telling them that they cannot actually remove the tenant as the tenancy paperwork was incorrect. This highlights a very important point for landlords who must not assume that just because their documentation was accurate at the start of the tenancy it doesn`t mean that it continues to be so due to ever changing legislation. So, just to give you a brief snapshot of some of your newer responsibilities. Do you know that you cannot rent out your property if you do not have an Energy Performance Certificate that meets at least an ā€œEā€ rating, that you have to conduct an assessment for potential Legionnaire`s Disease and that, shortly, you must have an electrical safety inspection carried out. It is probable that your property investment exists to provide for your future, so don`t jeopardise it by getting it wrong. You have been warned.