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      I guess I should just get right to the point and admit this is going to be a somewhat biased article. We’re an independent estate agent, so of course we’re going to say that independent is the right way to go when you’re looking to sell your property. But the crucial thing to address is WHY we think independent is best…

      Choosing the right estate agent is a critical part of the house-selling process. Making the right decision here can increase viewing numbers, increase offer numbers and secure a better selling price.

      Both independent and national estate agencies can get your property in front of the same volume of potential buyers these days through the online portals that we all use. So, what makes the difference?

      Independent estate agents tend to offer better service

      We often hear that it’s the service level that sets an independent estate agent apart. The reason is simple – we only get paid if we sell your house. We’re not being propped up by anyone else – be that other branches or head office – so it’s in our interest to do so. That means we give our absolute all. We rely on respect and reputation. There’s no way we’d risk that by offering anything less than fantastic service.

      Each of our customers gets more of our time. We’ll get on the phone to prospective buyers suited to your property.

      Any estate agent worth their salt – working for an independent or national chain – will know the local area. But you may find that well-established independents just have the edge. We know lots of local people – that’s our business – so we always have an ear to the ground. That means we may know about tantalising properties potentially coming to market before anyone else. This knowledge all helps keep the property market in the area moving.

      National chains may be less flexible

      Nationals are likely to have quite fixed processes and procedures which might not always have your best interests at their heart. Sure, we all need some processes to make sure the wheels keep turning, but never to your detriment. As an independent, we only have to answer to ourselves, so we tend to have a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to pricing, turnaround times and commitment times.

      You’ll be supporting the local economy

      As a local business, we have a network of local lawyers, conveyancing experts and mortgage advisers we can recommend to help with your sale or purchase. That helps keep more money circulating within the local economy – another positive, particularly if you’re staying in the area.

      Some national chain estate agencies have centralised teams they will recommend. You never really know who you’re dealing with and your money moves out of the area. We think that’s a real shame when we have so much local talent. 

      But don’t forget…

      Whilst we hope we’ve shared some compelling reasons to at least consider an independent estate agent, we do have to stress that your experience will be heavily influenced by the individuals in your local branch. We have met some fantastic estate agents who just happen to work for nationals!

      Meeting the teams in their office and asking them lots of questions is one of the best ways to get a sense of their priorities and how you will be treated. Do they have similar properties to yours on their books? What sort of advertising is included? What sort of support can they offer you? Most importantly, do you feel comfortable with them, and do you think they have your interests at heart?

      If you have a property to sell in the Waveney Valley, South Norfolk or North Suffolk, please do pop by our office in Beccles. We’d love to talk to you.