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      Brexit, so we are no further forward then and what a toll this is taking on industries throughout the country. Stockpiling of materials and goods is common and already 60-mile lorry queues forming across the channel whilst they run simulations for border control should we finally leave the EU. And now we have an extension to 31st October because we couldn`t get our act together and agree the best way forward. It`s as if the “leave” paperwork was left on the desk and whereas someone was meant to get around to having a look at it there was always something else more pressing to do. That is until crunch time arrived and it all feels a bit like a knee jerk reaction to me to now scrabble around after the scraps that Brussels concede to us, not a great bargaining strategy. The Sunday papers are even bored of it now and have focused attention on who will be best to pick up the mantle and take over running our country. I`m not convinced that Theresa May ever actually wanted the job, perhaps she just drew the short straw, or they decided when she nipped to the loo. I was amazed when people kept voting to keep Wagner on X Factor, and ever since then it’s never surprised me, our ability to mess up a vote.
      Jon Wicks is managing director of Templewicks Estate Agents in Beccles